Imposition Studio v7.1

A highly enhanced edition with many unique, innovative, creative
and industry-first features, that you can't find anywhere else!

New features of v7:

• PDF optimizer   |   more info..

• Preflight reports   |   more info..

• PDF color grading   |   more info..

• PDF special effects   |   more info..

• Spot color management   |   more info..

• Image size optimizer

• CMYK/RGB/Grayscale color conversion

• Conversion to ICC profiles

• Image preflight with options like RGB mode, low-resolution etc.

• Missing font replacement   |   more info..

• Convert text to path

• PDF repair function

• PDF/A support

• Sequential cut mode in cut & stack setup

• Dutch cut book layout support

• PDF page overlay with colored and textured mode   |   more info..

• BleedMaker utility to create custom bleed area   |   more info..

• Page wise color swatch mode

• Layout browser to view layout files within templates window

• Combine mode for section outputs

• Odd and even row/column mode for master page options

• Common back side pages options

• Export job informations to file

• Predefined actions in gang run transform window

• More PDF link options in link window

• Manual binding spine selection

• Preference backup reminder

• User defined register marks

• User defined lay marks

• Rasterized output


Changes, improvements and fixes

• Improved creep method

• Improved PDF workflow

• Improved half form mode

• Improved gang run transform mode

• More number of pages in a master page

• More layout types in combo half form

• More contextual menus on PDF link setup window added

• More lay marks types added

• More register marks types added

• Output folder can be selected as input folder to create two stage workflow

• Preserve layout settings on layout reset added

• Speed Improvements in saving PDF links

• Smaller layout file size

• Calibrated layout preview with device profiles

• PDF link transform accessing from layout preview now updates properly

• Work & tumble mode now available in auto layout wizard for cut & stack

• Fixed an error while creating large number of pages using auto layout

• Fixed an error in image to PDF utility

• Now warns if the application has been denied access to system

• Application quit behavior now more natural

• Added option to disable workflow log

• Working with files on a network drive warning now shows only once

• Page selection preview in layout window now works

• Added drag & drop support in link settings

• Added encrypted PDF output

• Added decryption utility



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License requirement

Imposition Studio can be activated with a license valid up until its release date.
Or you may use the fully functional 7 day free trial to evaluate new features.

More info about license validity and future Update Plan.


Version history

v7.0 - January 22 2022

• Initial Imposition Studio v7 release.

v7.0.1 - January 25 2022

• Added blending modes and opacity control to PDF page overlay.

• Added new PDF page overlay files.

• Replaced some PDF page overlay files with updated images.

• Spot colors from overlay and backdrop files now shows in separations window.

• Version update now shows new updates.

• Overlay preview now shows correctly in preview.

• Improved hi-res preview quality.

v7.0.2 - January 28 2022

• Fixed some control behaviour errors in optimizer.

• Fixed few configure error messages in optimizer.

• Fixed a cache related connection error in online services.

v7.0.5 - April 28 2022

• Added scale option for PDF overlay files.

• Now duplicated links lists correctly after the selection.

• More duplicate PDF link modes added.

• More PDF link selection modes added.

• Fixed an issue when saving preferences preset without file extension.

• Improved auto paper size selection in signature settings.

• Added total image area information on auto layout wizard.

• Added precision layout object selection preferences.

• Fixed gang run transform error.

• Fixed workflow progress bar error.

• Fixed repeat page skip signature error.

• Changed drag and drop behaviours on link window.

• Added license reset button on activation window.

• Many small bug fixes.

v7.0.6 - May 8 2022

• Spot colors from custom colorbar files now shows in separations window.

• Number of signatures now shows correctly when a two sided form contain only one PDF link.

• Fixed an issue with paper size menu.

• Paper setup window now shows all paper sizes correctly.

• Fixed an error of disabled gang run controls for some versions of windows 10.

• Fixed an unexpected watermarks error on some versions of windows.

• No top registration marks for signatures with full length color bar.

v7.0.7 - May 19 2022

• Workflow window now shows new items correctly on Windows.

• Added few missing translations.

• Localization engine updated to 0.90.

• BleedMaker now shows progressbar correctly.

v7.0.8 - May 28 2022

• Fixed an error on updating activations from previous version.

• Fixed Links modified error in example layouts.

v7.1 - August 12 2022

• Added password protection for output PDF files with open, print or modify options.

• Added scale option for BleedMaker.

• Added decryption utility.

• Added spot color bar preview.

• Added skew control mark in OMR module.

• Fixed an error in spot only separations count.

• Fixed an error in signature list view.

• Top left and top right register marks are now shows correctly with all color bars.

• Paper size menu in auto page layout window now showing correctly in windows.

• contributory localization submission now submits data correctly.

• Fixed an error in displaying lay marks in some type of outputs.

• Layout preference preset names shows correctly when saving from default settings.

• Localization engine updated to 0.91.

• And many small fixes.

System requirements

Windows : Windows 7 SP1 or above

Mac : macOS Yosemite 10.10.5 or above

PDF viewer : A PDF viewer application like Adobe Reader for viewing output PDF.

Available versions : Windows 64bit,   macOS Universal



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