Imposition Studio v8  Final Release

We are delighted to announce the official release of Imposition Studio v8. After a thorough beta testing phase, this version has reached its final release. Packed with a significant range of valuable additions, improvements, and bug fixes, explore the comprehensive list below to discover the exciting changes and enhancements in this release, along with those from previous updates.

New Features:

• Variable data printing (VDP).

• Color swatches library.

• Pinning PDF Pages.

• Move towards edges creep method.

• Custom colored crop marks, slug-lines, and color bars.

• Advanced spot color mapping and editing.

• Advanced collating marks.

• Innovative gathering marks.

• Additional registration marks.

• Backup and restore Settings.

• More options for slug lines.

• More bleed options in BleedMaker.

• More options for folding marks.

• Global application settings.

• Page-wise information slugline.

• PDF file information badges.

And many more fixes, additions, and improvements have been implemented to enhance the overall user experience. We hope you enjoy using Imposition Studio v8 with these exciting enhancements.

System requirements

Windows: Windows 8.1 ~ Windows 11 or newer *

Mac: macOS 10.14 Mojave ~ macOS 14 Sonoma or newer *

PDF viewer: A PDF viewer application like Adobe Reader for viewing output PDF.

Available versions: Windows 64bit, macOS Universal

An SSD (solid state drive) is recommended for best performance.

* Imposition Studio may run on lower versions of the operating systems, but it may not perform optimally and is not officially supported.

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License requirement

Imposition Studio could be activated with a license, its future update plan extends after the release date. Alternatively, you can use the fully functional 7-day free trial to evaluate new features.

More info about license validity and future Update Plan.

Version history

v8.0 b1 - November 22 2023

• Imposition Studio v8 initial beta release.

• Fixed an error in the gang-run setup window when opening from master page properties.

• Resolved embedded font mismatch errors in some PDF files.

• Corrected false 'Insufficient PDF links available' error messages in certain layouts.

• Fixed an error related to imported PDF resources with incompatible bounding boxes.

• Addressed the 'queue modified' error on default workflow items.

• Resolved an error related to sticky notes on output files.

• Fixed an issue with the 'convert to CMYK' behavior in the separation manager.

• Corrected an error in the 'spread to pages' utility.

• Fixed an error in the 'Import PDF' window cancel action.

• Enabled OMR marks thickness adjustments.

• Fixed an error on the custom color selector during closure.

• Updated BleedMaker to version 2.0

• Updated the localization engine to version 0.92.

• Changed the crop mark thickness unit to points.

• Refined options for extra separation info positions.

• Now respects separation manager options for optimizing the conversion to color mode.

• Now maintains high-resolution preview quality after dragging.

• Displays folding cross marks in all possible locations.

• Shows calibrated colors in the report section.

• Enhanced gray color bar options.

• Improved gang run transformation options.

• Enhanced reports information.

• Optimized output encryption options.

• Improved the custom total crop area option.

• Streamlined automatic printing paper size selection.

v8.0 b2 - November 25 2023

• Added 'Apply Global Defaults' to the action menu.

• Resolved a mismatch in the paper size menu in the action menu.

• Resolved a mismatch in the page size menu in the action menu.

• Fixed an error in the backup and restore module.

v8.0 b3

• Internal release.

v8.0 b4

• Internal release.

v8.0 b5 - December 8 2023

• New modes to combo half forms.

• Multiple folding forms in a sheet now supported.

• Combo half forms are now supported in section sewing mode.

• Combo half form pages are now marked in link settings.

• Selected PDF version numbers are now apply correctly.

• Fixed an import file permission error.

• Fixed a variable data page rotation error.

• Fixed a false version update available error.

• Fixed a false minimum system requirement error.

• Fixed a swatch not found error.

• Version warning now displays correctly on save.

• Section number preview now honors half forms.

• Fine-tuned combo half forms.

• Fine-tuned collating marks.

• Fine-tuned template handling.

• Fine-tuned variable data number handling.

v8.0 b6 - December 10 2023

• Added gathering marks for plain cut sheet jobs.

• Fixed the comma-delimited text import error.

• Added a duplicate links command in the links settings.

• Resolved an error in custom mark swatch selection.

• Fixed an issue with the version update download window.

• Now prompts before applying global defaults.

v8.0 b7 - December 11 2023

• Fixed a font display error.

v8.0 b8 - December 13 2023

• Fixed cut & stack manual count reset.

• Fixed some errors in gathering marks.

• Fixed a folded brochure mode error.

• Fixed some gathering marks errors.

• Added more options for gathering marks.

• Progress bar now updates correctly.

v8.0 b9 - December 16 2023

• Collating mark page options added.

• More options for collating and gathering marks.

• Fixed the double-link loading issue upon opening.

• Gang transform results now update correctly.

• Improved layout open speed.

• Improved layout preview speed.

• Output process can be cancelled now.

• Updated templates and examples.

• Language resources now update correctly.

v8.0 b10 - January 1 2024

• Resolved an issue associated with non-period (.) decimal separators.

• The workflow now correctly skips disabled queues.

• Fixed an error on total number of master pages with some workflow items.

• Addressed issues related to updating previews in the workflow window.

• Introduced instant scanning queues button in the workflow window.

• Added a static preview workflow running mode.

• Corrected tooltip help text errors in certain buttons.

• Fixed an issue of disabling the manual crop area option.

• Added more options in the PDF to Image utility 1-bit bitmap mode.

• Enhanced the overall performance of the PDF to Image Utility.

• Fixed a profile embedding error in the PDF to Image Utility.

• Resolved the issue of disabled elapsed collating form menu.

v8.0 b11 - January 4 2024

• Resolved an issue in manual layout mode where the new document was not completing.

• Fixed an error in workflow queue selection.

• Added a simple book mode to the 'New' menu in templates.

• Manual layout mode now accurately displays the default paper size.

• Addressed an issue in the backup and restore window.

• Resolved a problem in the version update window.

v8.0 b12 - January 15 2024

• Manual override link error now displays correctly.

• Fixed an error with non-english macOS systems.

• Fixed an error in layout window closing behaviour.

• Now shows correct opened version on window title.

• Added ‘Auto Populate Signature’ function in workflow queue settings.

• Added ‘Auto Update Layout Files’ option in workflow settings.

• Added ‘Skip Preflight Error’ option in workflow settings.

• Added more default workflow queue items.

• Fixed PDF version related issue in some examples.

• Reduced the reset layout occurrence in signature settings.

• Now preflight correctly warns about wrong side lay position.

v8.0 b13 - RC 1 - January 18 2024

• Now fully supports non-period decimal separators.

• Plain cut sheet options now reset correctly.

• Added a repair option for workflow queues.

• Non-combined section sewing layouts now output correctly.

• The output naming scheme has changed for sections.

• Beta stage has been updated to Release Candidate.

v8.0 b14 - RC 2 - January 29 2024

• Added option to import color swatches from PDF files to the swatches library.

• Added an option to replace missing layout files for workflow queue items.

• Now includes automatic layout mode items in default workflow queues.

• Added the option to rotate the output PDF in the output settings.

• Added notification centre alerts for workflows.

• Now preserves PDF document info in optimizer outputs in all outputs.

• The color bar for solid swatches in spot-only mode now displays accurately.

• Resolved an error in backup settings on Windows.

• Improved the handling of missing workflow layouts.

• Resolved the layout file not found error for workflow.

• The output preview action button now works correctly.

v8.0 b15 - RC 3 - February 7 2024

• Updated color swatch attachment method.

• Adjusted certain color replacement methods for attached swatches.

• Resolved an error in swatch color preview.

• Included examples for VDP and color swatch methods.

• Fixed a color bar layout preview error for certain layouts.

• Resolved minimum system requirement error on macOS.

v8.0.1 - February 9 2024

• Major version released.


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