Imposition Studio v6

for Windows & macOS

Windows - Double click the downloaded installer to install Imposition Studio.
macOS - Drag the Imposition Studio application from the opened disk image to your applications folder.

The Imposition Studio help documentation should address most questions. Imposition Studio online help can be accessed from the help menu within Imposition Studio, or at: Online help documentation

If you have any questions that are not addressed in the help documentation, please contact us at:

Feedback & Suggestions
Please send comments, feedback and bug reports to:

Added features, fixes and changes
Version 6.1.4 (December 19 2019)
• Fixed an error on open output PDF files from workflow.
• Editing objects from click on preview pane improved.
• Fixed an error on restore all settings.
• Fixed a creep error on rotated layouts.
• More user contributions added on localization library.
• Localization version updated to 0.73.
• Update command now updates page sizes.
• Added auto search on link update.
• Option added for searching for missing PDF links.
• Added warning when a relocated PDF link file found on search.
• Added double line OMR marks for roll cutters.
• Added color bar swatch size option.

Version 6.1.3 (November 28 2019)
• Added option for disabling output PDF optimizations.
• Added option to include job info to PDF file as system wide searchable keywords.
• Fixed an output error on workflow.
• Fixed incomplete signature error on workflow.
• Folding & center marks now outputs correctly on gray mode.
• Improved PDF engine.
• Localization engine updated.

Version 6.1.2 (November 4 2019)
• Page and paper size menus now display correctly on Windows.
• Fixed an issue on manual imposition with book option.
• Fixed an issue on applying auto pagination.
• Fixed an issue on changing slug line text from output window.
• More options on CTP plate preview color selection window.
• More options on paper preview color selection window.

Version 6.1.1 (October 29 2019)
• Fixed an activation error on some license versions.
• Added update menu on workflow queue items.
• Now shows messages on some workflow queue errors.
• Added run minimised button on workflow window.
• Changed some workflow window behaviors.
• Fixed a workflow error in cut & stack layouts.

Version 6.1 (October 26 2019)
• Fixed color profile error.
• Fixed deactivation not possible error.
• Fixed workflow item sorting error.
• Fixed page number related error on workflow.
• Fixed spot color error on swatch & slug line.
• Fixed completed files delete error on some workflows.
• Fixed some activation related errors.
• Fixed slug line issue in some output modes.
• Fixed link error shows after opening section sewing job.
• Fixed French version printer selection error.
• Fixed PDF link list shuffling error.
• Fixed PDF link half form auto disable.
• Fixed barcode & OMR mark output error.
• Fixed template window restore last selection error.
• Fixed version update connection error.
• Added deactivation permission for all slots.
• Added spot color checking on each signature mode.
• Added selective marks in gray mode.
• Added show notes on open preference.
• Added section starting number option.
• Added slug line offset for company info slug line.
• Added file name on slug line option.
• Added used page numbers on slug line option.
• Added rename output files when locked option.
• Added auto correction for damaged preferences.
• Added show layout preview workflow preference.
• Added mute all sounds option on workflow preference.
• Added many user contributions of language updates to localization engine.
• Added user contributions sections in templates list.
• Added run minimized workflow preference.
• Added PDF link list multi selection move.
• Added offset apply mode for barcode & OMR mark.
• Added opposite offset option for barcode & OMR mark.
• Added extract PDF pages utility.
• Added delete PDF pages utility.
• Added language localization version update option.
• Added common back side pages option in combine PDF utility.
• Added alternate page combine option in combine PDF utility.
• Added custom crop area preview in CTP mode.
• Now output correctly with crop in custom crop area mode.
• Changed document closing behavior.
• Changed view output PDF file opening behavior.
• Changed workflow preview behaviors.
• Improved workflow performance.
• Improved many workflow behaviors.
• Improved job information section.
• Improved localization engine.
• Improved layout preview speed.
• Online user guide updated and improved.
• And many small improvements and changes
  * Highly recommended update for all v6 users

Version 6.0.2 (September 4 2019)
• Fixed an activation related issue.

Version 6.0.1 (January 27 2019)
• Some small fixes.

Version 6.0 (Jan 9 2019)
• Localized for all major languages
• Fully functional 7 day free trial added.
• Up to 3X faster layout opening.
• Up to 2X faster PDF links importing.
• Up to 5X faster PDF links saving.
• Improved layout file saving time.
• 64-Bit version for Windows.
• 64-Bit version for macOS
• Output PDF preview mode added
• Retina/hi-dpi monitor support added
• Hi-resolution layout preview mode added
• Cutter/slitter information added
• Barcode sheet wise printing options added
• Barcode reference id auto options added
• New workflow options added
• High volume output support added (100,000+ pages)
• Multiple slug-lines on a signature added
• More slug-line control options added
• More separation color name options added
• Multiple color bar added
• More lay mark styles added
• More preflight criteria added
• Soft proofing action button added
• More action buttons added
• More informations on info panel
• Improved automatic workflow
• Gang run front & back auto synchronization option added
• Distorted output option added
• Flexo distortion compensation calculator utility added
• Note preview added to templates window
• Transparency preview on colors & Separations..
• Custom color preview options for CTP plate & Paper / media
• Improved interface for larger monitors
• Added solid swatches only color-bar option.
• Transparency simulation on preview added
• Added bounding box option in repair PDF utility.
• Convert to profile now works on PDF to image utilities.
• Improved PDF utilities.
• Transparency preview button added.
• Now Keeps same output file size as source on most layouts.
• Faster output PDF preview.
• Built-in help documents added for many sections
• User contributory localizations added for many languages.
• And many small improvements

• Fixed an issue with collating marks on section sewing books
• Fixed paper center marks placement
• Links modified error on macOS (High Sierra) fixed
• Fixed an issue when the layout contain multiple clone copies on a signature
• Manual front & back alignment error fixed
• Color bar align error fixed
• Files are now lists in correct order in lists & menu items.
• Workflow engine napping time bug fixed
• Fixed output size error on custom crop size.
• Custom output file name on single sided layout now works.
• Fixed an output file name error on single sided plain cut sheet jobs.
• Fixed an error'Layout file corrupted' shows on some OS versions.
• Fixed Workflow link error with repaired PDF.
• Smaller layout file size option now working.
• Crop Box import error fixed
• Import window preview now shows bounding boxes correctly
• Keyboard navigation on signature list now works.
• Fixed insufficient page error on workflow.
• And many small bug fixes

Notes: • Offline PDF user guide is not available with this release.
  Use online help documentation instead.

Available languages
English (Default)
Spanish - Español
French - français
German - Deutsch
Italian - Italiano
Portuguese - Português
Dutch - Nederlands
Swedish - Svenska
Danish - dansk
Finnish - Suomalainen
Norwegian - norsk
Russian - Русский
Polish - Polskie
Czech - čeština
Romanian - Română
Greek - ελληνικά
Hungarian - Magyar
Japanese - 日本語
Simplified Chinese - 简体中文
Traditional Chinese - 繁体中文
Korean - 한국어
Arabic - العربية
Hebrew - עברית
Turkish - Türkçe
Bulgarian - български
Georgian - ქართული
Ukrainian - Українська
Malay - Melayu
Indonesian - bahasa Indonesia
Thai - ไทย
Farsi - فارسی
Hindi - हिंदी
Malayalam - മലയാളം

System Requirements
   Windows : Windows 7 SP1 or above
   Mac : macOS Lion to macOS Catalina 10.15 or above.
   Minimum Screen resolution : 1280 x 800
   Retina / Hi-DPI monitor support available on Windows & macOS versions (Yosemite or above).
   PDF Viewer : A PDF viewer application like Adobe Reader for viewing output PDF.
Available versions :
   Windows 32bit - Windows 7 SP1 and above.
   Windows 64bit - Windows 7 SP1 and above.
   macOS 64bit - macOS Yosemite 10.10.5 ~ macOS Catalina 10.15 or above.
   macOS 64bit - macOS Lion to Mavericks.
   (For Windows XP SP3, use Imposition Studio v5)

Statutory Requirements
Making an imposition for a print jobs is complex, so be sure to understand the basic concepts of printing. Imposition Studio only allows you to make automatic impositioning as per your information. Actual printing may need modifications or error checking of the resulted PDF files.

Data Safety and Integrity
Imposition Studio is continually under development and is provided without any guarantees or warranties as to its fitness for purpose or functionality apart from those required under the relevant laws in your jurisdiction. This means that the program may contain bugs which have not been identified. If any issues affecting data integrity are found they will be posted at

Copyright & License Information
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The information in this document is subject to change without notice. The software described in this document (Devalipi Software Imposition Studio) is offered under a single-user license agreement. Unlicensed users of Devalipi Software Imposition Studio may permitted to use for 30 days. Licensing Imposition Studio entitles the license holder to a single-user or multi-user license (specified on the license) which enables the user(s) to continue using Imposition Studio beyond their 30 day pre-registration limit on the registered computer.

This is a legal agreement between you and Devalipi Software. covering your use of  Imposition Studio (the "Software"). Be sure to read the following agreement before using the Software. BY USING THE SOFTWARE (REGARDLESS IF YOU HAVE REGISTERED THE SOFTWARE OR NOT), YOU ARE AGREEING TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT, DO NOT USE THE SOFTWARE AND DESTROY ALL COPIES IN YOUR POSSESSION.
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