January 22, 2022

Devalipi Software announces the release of Imposition Studio v7

imposition Studio

Devalipi is pleased to announce the beta release of Imposition Studio version 7. This beta release is part of our continuous efforts to upgrade our solution to leverage on the latest changes in technology for improved application performance and better user experience. Imposition Studio version 7 is culmination of thousands of hour of hard work from Devalipi engineers and software testers. The result is a new and enhanced version of our great product with many unique, innovative and industry-first features.

What is new in v7.0

  • Innovative PDF optimizer added
  • Innovative preflight reports added
  • Innovative PDF color grading added
  • Innovative PDF special effects added
  • Spot color management added
  • Image size optimizer added
  • CMYK/RGB/Grayscale color conversion added
  • Conversion to ICC profiles added
  • Image preflight with options like RGB mode, low-resolution etc. added
  • Missing font replacement added
  • Convert text to path added
  • PDF repair function added
  • PDF/A support added
  • Sequential cut mode in cut & stack setup added
  • Dutch cut book layout support added
  • PDF page overlay with colored and textured mode added
  • BleedMaker utility to create custom bleed area added
  • Page wise color swatch mode added
  • Layout browser to view layout files within templates window added
  • Combine mode for section outputs added
  • Odd and even row/column mode for master page options added
  • Common back side pages options added
  • Export job informations to file added
  • Predefined actions in gang run transform window added
  • More PDF link options in link window added
  • Manual binding spine selection added
  • Preference backup reminder added
  • User defined register marks added
  • User defined lay marks added

Changes, improvements and fixes
  • Improved creep method
  • Improved PDF workflow
  • Improved half form mode
  • Improved gang run transform mode
  • More number of pages in a master page
  • More layout types in combo half form
  • More contextual menus on PDF link setup window added
  • More lay marks types added
  • More register marks types added
  • Output folder can be selected as input folder to create two stage workflow
  • Preserve layout settings on layout reset added
  • Speed Improvements in saving PDF links
  • Smaller layout file size
  • Calibrated layout preview with device profiles
  • PDF link transform accessing from layout preview now updates properly
  • Work & tumble mode now available in auto layout wizard for cut & stack
  • Fixed an error while creating large number of pages using auto layout
  • Fixed an error in image to PDF utility
  • Now warns if the application has been denied access to system
  • Application quit behavior now more natural
  • Added option to disable workflow log
  • Working with files on a network drive warning now shows only once
  • Page selection preview in layout window now works
  • Added drag & drop support in link settings

• Online user guide
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Feedback and Suggestions:
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