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Job management system for print houses with estimation, quotation & job ticketing

PressGenie is a professional job management system for 100% accurate, user friendly and time saving estimation, quotation, job ticket creation for printing houses. It is a user friendly, easily configurable and multiuser software system that runs on both Windows & macOS.

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Job entry & Costing

In this part, you enter job details in a wizard style window. You only need to click and select required options for the job. After completing the job entry, you can view the detailed costing sheet.


In this step you will make the quotation for client.

Job Ticket

PressGenie will create a job ticket with full details about the job for final production.

Job Tracking & Reports

PressGenie will keep a detailed track of running & finished Jobs. PressGenie has a detailed report system that can keep details about current day/week sales done or the monthly sales of a sales man or monthly value of jobs done by a particular machine.

The PressGenie includes all necessary functions for the daily needs and even it reduces the skilled staff needed for estimation