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Creates PDF imposition output layouts from one or more PDF files. Makes custom layouts with any number of pages, signature styles, binding methods, printing styles within minutes even if you are new to the application. Imposition Studio also includes more than 200 layout templates & examples to use with regular jobs.

Imposition Studio includes many advanced features like creeping, section sewing, OMR with barcode, automated workflow, etc. Imposition Studio supports all digital printers, imagesetters and CTP machines.

A highly enhanced edition of an already great product with many unique, innovative and industry-first features, that you can't find anywhere else!

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Imposition Features:

You can't find anywhere else!

PDF Imposition is not as hard as you think! How Imposition Studio works?

Select a job template that matches your print layout in job type, page repeats and printing paper size. Or create a new layout using the automatic layout assistant. Import all of your PDF pages from one or more PDF files. Change the ups/repeats, binding method and other parameters as per the job and specifications if required. Setup the margin or output style as per the image setter or CTP specification. Click the 'Export to PDF' button to create final imposition-ed PDF. Then print the resulted PDF file to a digital printer or drop into hot folders of your image setter or CTP work-flow.

You only need to setup a master form with symbolic numbers. All other pages will create automatically depend on the number of source PDF pages you imported into the links list. All paginations will be calculated on the symbolic numbers entered manually or automatically on the master form.

Example for a 16 page book master form and printing forms.

A 16 page book, print using a master form contain 8 pages with work & turn (4 pages x 2 sides). If you have chosen automatic layout, then all the symbolic page numbering will be done automatically. For a manual layout, you may need to set 8 symbolic page numbers on the master form regardless of the total number of pages in the book. Imagine the job contain only 8 pages and numbering as per a 8 page book. You may enter numbers like 8,1,4,5 in the front signature and 6,3,2,7 on the back side. If your book contain 64 pages and you selected saddle stitching as binding method then the page you entered 8 will show the 64th page of the linked PDF on the first form. Read more from the v7 User Guide    (v6 user guide)

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