BleedMaker Window

Add extra bleed area for PDF documents which contain no or insufficient or partial bleed.

Page Size :  Actual trim area of the PDF document. document size treats all pages are in same size.

Width :  Page trim width.

Height :  Page trim height.

Bleed :  Required bleed size in all directions.

Slug Area :  An extra space around page trim size including bleed area. You may enter a custom value or keep as auto. 

Margin :  Enter the slug area margin manually if not selected auto mode.

Method :  Select any of the below three methods to create bleed area.

Mirror :  Extends the portion of the page to the bleed area.

Repeat :  Repeats and extends the portions near the trim line to create an effect of bleed.

Scale :  Enlarge the page size to fit the bleed box of the output. Best option when no important graphic element is placed near page edges.

Solid Color :  Apply selected solid color in the bleed area to create an effect of bleed.

Compensation :  Allows to start bleed inside the trim area specified by this value.

Keep Aspect Ratio :  Keep the height width proportion while scaling the page. Only valid for scale mode.

Color :  The color of the bleed if Solid color method is selected.

Quality :  Quality of the bleed portion. Normal is sufficient for most cases.

Color Profile :  Specify the color profile to render bleed area to match the rest of the page.

Pages :  The number of pages to create bleed. Separated by comma(,) or grouped by hyphen(-) or leave empty to process all pages.

Rasterize Page :  This option will render the whole page including the bleed area to an image. Use this option if the bleed does not match rest of the page.

Cleanup Slug Area :  This option will remove any previous marks in the slug area and keep empty.

Add Crop Marks :  Adds crop marks to the selected page trim size.

Add File Info :  Adds file name information on the slug area. 

Add Bounding Boxes :  Adds trim bounding box to the resulted file.

Selected Pages Only :   Final output will contain only selected pages. All other pages will be removed from the output.

Reset :  Reset all fields to its default values.

Select PDF File.. :  Select a PDF file for BleedMaker.

Bleed Preview :  Update preview with current settings.