Preflight Report Options

Report Options Window

Set the options for report printing including report heading, company details, report font, etc.

Report Header 

Header :  Use the global default report header or a customized header for this layout.

Default Header :  This is the mode for global default.

Customize Header :  Use this option to customize current report.

Do Not Print :  Set not to print any header for this report.

Use PDF Header File :  Select a PDF file contain your company name, logo and address. This will print as header on top of the report. You need to select the option ‘Customize Header’ to enable this option.

PDF File :  Select a PDF file to place as header for this report.

Setup.. :  Allows to import new PDF files to use as header.

Offset :  Fine tune your report font to align on the report elements.

Scale :  Fine tune your report font to align on the report elements.

Company Name :  Name of the company which will print on to of the report.

Details :  Company address which will print on the report header.

Contact Details :  Add name phone number and email ID of the person who is handling this job.

Do Not Print :  Set not to print contact details for this report.

Report Font :  Select a font for the report considering the localization and design.

Baseline Shift :  Fine tune your report font to align on the report elements.

Theme Color :  Set the base theme color of the report.

Save As Default :  Apply all settings as application default. So the current report and every new report you create thereafter will use all settings on this report.


Set options for report printing customizations.

Custom Job Details :  Allows you to customize details of this job.

Job Details :  File name and client name or similar references for the job.

Do Not Print :  Set not to print selected details.

Do Not Print Page Wise Color Analysis :  Disable printing the page wise list of colors used in every pages.

Do Not Print Separation Informations :  Disable printing the color separation information including page wise list.

Do Not Print Layout Informations :  Disable printing the layout informations.

No Calibrated Image Preview :  This option will speed up report process but affects the color accuracy of the images.

Do Not Localize :  Prints the report in english language.

Do Not Enlarge Small Images :  Use original size of the images report area. Otherwise the images will be enlarged to fit in the image area.

Do Not Show Application Info :  Allows to disable application info which will be printed on the report.

Use Tick Mark Symbol :  Use tick mark symbol to show the option is enabled.

View a Sample PDF Preflight Report..