Repair Options

Repair Options Window

Allows to customize many of the repair options for an optimizer.

Delete Embedded Files :  Delete all embedded files for other than print purpose.

Remove Overprint :  Resolve overprint function of objects if present and possible.

Delete Postscript :  Delete postscript functions if present.

Delete Halftones :  Delete halftone functions if present.

Flatten Layers :  Flatten layers if present and possible.

Allow Device Color Spaces :  If Set, device color spaces will not be replaced with ICC based color spaces.

Replace v4 ICC Profiles :  Replace all v4 ICC color profiles if possible.

Remove Embedded Fonts :  Remove embedded fonts if any.

Delete OPI Comments :  Delete OPI comments if possible.

Delete Alternate Images :  Delete alternate images if possible.

Repair Damaged Images :  Repair any damaged images found in the PDF.

Process In Memory :  Speedup the process by using only memory. May fail if the file is very big or available memory is not enough.

Disable Base Options :  Disable all other basic streamline functions. Use only when normal process fails.