Templates & Examples

Templates & Examples Window

This is the first window when you are opening Imposition Studio. Here you will have access to templates, examples and recently opened layout files. More than 100 imposition layout templates are available now. You can use them as a template or create your own layouts using the Auto Layout Assistant. You can also save any of the layout you created earlier as a re-usable template for later use. It will appear in the ‘User Templates’ section in the list. If you are new to Imposition Studio, try the layouts listed in the Example section first.

Tool Buttons & Menus 

New..:  Here you will get 2 options for creating new layouts Layout with Auto Settings, Layout with Manual Settings.

•  Layout with Auto Settings : Creates new layouts automatically with an easy to understand Auto Layout Assistant window.

•  Layout with Manual Settings : Creates new layouts with  Manual Layout Wizard . You will get almost all layout options here. The main difference between auto and manual mode is symbolic page numbers. In auto mode, the numbers are automatic and in manual mode, you need to put the symbolic numbers after you created the layout.

QuickLayout :  Creates a new layout from a PDF you selected. Allow you to create any layouts from a PDF file using previously saved QuickLayouts.

Open.. :  Open Imposition Studio layouts from your hard disk. 

Browse Folder.. :  Allows to browse  layout files with preview as a list in template window.

Auto Workflow.. :  Opens the ‘ Workflow Manager ’ window. This window handle the hot folder based PDF layout workflow. Please go to section ‘ Automatic Workflow ’ for more info about workflow. 

User Templates :  Shows the layouts which saves as a template by the user. 

User Contributions :  Shows the layouts which are submitted by other users to be included as defaults. 

Templates :  Shows the built-in templates to use for common layout types and jobs.

Examples :  Shows some basic jobs examples to learn the  basic concepts  of Imposition Studio.

Recent Layouts :  Shows the layouts which saved previously by the user.

Notes Preview :  Shows included notes on the selected layout.

Note:  Imposition Studio is platform independent. You can open, edit and output layout files from a Windows PC on a Mac, or vice versa.