QuickLayout Window

QuickLayout Menu 

Some times you need to make similar kind of jobs urgently. You may use  Automatic Workflow  or QuickLayout for this purpose. Quick layout is a set of layout documents arranged in a menu to get fast output for your common jobs. You can use the basic layouts which are included on the menu by default. You can also add any layout into the Quick layout menu.

You can access this menu as tool buttons on  Templates & Examples  window and setup tool panel on  Layout Editor  window.

QuickLayout Options 

After selecting a QuickLayout menu, select the source PDF file you want to make the Output file. All basic settings can be directly edited from here. Click OK to complete the layout.

Simple Book 

There is a single QuickLayout menu available on the  Menu Bar  ‘File > New.. > QuickLayout.. > Simple Book’. Use this layout for common saddle stitched 2up books. This option will only ask you to select a source PDF file.