Override Auto PDF Link

Override Auto PDF Link Window

Use this option to change any automatic PDF link position to desired PDF link page. Leave empty use native auto value. above screenshot shows the link number 4 will change to 12 Select the page you want to change then use Override Auto PDF Link.. menu item on the  Setup menu  to access this window.

Automatic Link Number: :  Original PDF link number for this page when outputs normally.

Manual Override Number: :  Changed PDF number will be used for final output instead of automatic link number.

Disable Page Overlay for This Link :  Page overlay will be disabled for this page.

 Once changed then a small red override icon will show on the top left of the page. Double clicking the icon also will bring this window.

Clear All Overridden Auto PDF Pages.. :  Use this menu item on  Commands  menu will remove all overridden links from the layout.