Workflow Setup

Workflow Setup Window

Files / Pages 

Queue Name :  Name of the Queue, Independent from the layout file name.

Description : A field to enter  description for the queue.

Queue Short Name :  Output PDF file start with this short name.

Output Naming Scheme :  Control the naming scheme for the output PDF file. 2 options are available.

• Layout Document Name :  Name output file with the layout file name.

• First PDF Link File Name :  Name output file with the name of the first PDF link file in the link setup.

Layout File.. :  Select an error free layout file as source layout. Make sure the layout not showing any error messages while opening, like file modified, missing etc.

Input Hot Folder.. :  Select a folder to watch. This is the folder you drop source PDF files to make the output PDF file. It is not possible to make a single input folder for all of your workflow queues. Each input folder for each queue item should be different than others. 

Output Folder.. :  Select a folder where the output PDF files should save. You can select a single folder to save all of your workflows. 

Archive Folder.. :  Select the folder item to archive completed jobs.

Files / Pages 

Keep Number Of Pages And PDF Link File Names :  Workflow will search only for PDF files named in the layout. And skip processing if not found all PDF files used in the layout. Number of pages in the document and output will remain same. Use this option for repeat jobs with miner changes or Jobs that uses selected pages from different PDF files.

Allow Any Number of PDF Pages :  PDF pages with multiples of the minimum number (total master signature pages) will be processed by the workflow. This option will also remove all link page related values including selection of PDF page numbers, manual page movement, manual page scale, blank pages, mixing multiple PDF files etc. All available PDF pages will be inserted by PDF file names in alphabetical order.

Custom Number of Minimum PDF Pages :  Allows to configure the required minimum PDF pages for a layout. Useful for some special layouts including combo forms.

Skip Page Number Errors :  This option will skip all page number related errors and output with available number of PDF pages. Resulted output file may contain empty pages.

Take Page Size from Link PDF :  This option will change the original page size to page the size of the available PDF link file (first linked page). Sizes will be taken from trim/crop box sizes in the PDF. If no trim/crop box defined in the PDF, the queue will stop with an error.

Do Not Use Multiple PDF Files As Links :  This option will take only one PDF file as link. All PDF files are treated as individual jobs. Otherwise all files are treated as links for a single job.


Alert On Output :  Workflow manager will alert if an output PDF created successfully.

Play Default Sound :  Play the default sound file.

Play Default Sound :  Play user selected sound file.

None :  No sound alert

Alert On Error :  Workflow manager will alert if an error occurred while processing a queue item.

Play Default Sound :  Play the default sound file.

Play Default Sound :  Play user selected sound file.

None :  No sound alert

Action On Error :  Workflow manager will do selected actions when a job failed to output.

Disable Current Queue Item :  This option will disable the current queue item on error.

Stop Workflow :  This option will stop the workflow manager on error.

Move Files to Error Folder :  This option will move the problematic PDF files to the error folder.

Do Nothing :  This option will process again even the files showing errors.

Archive Completed Jobs :  Move all files of a job to the associated ‘Archive Folder’ after completing a job.

Open Output PDF files :  Open the output PDF files after completing the job.