PDF Links Settings

PDF Links Settings Window

Using this window you can import the source PDF pages which you want to output. Imposition Studio will automatically place the correct PDF pages to their corresponding positions.

Remove :  This action will remove the selected PDF links from the list.

Up Down  : Use this buttons to rearrange PDF page link number sequence in the list. 

Transform.. :  This option will change individual PDF link properties including size, position and scale. Check the ‘Link Transform’ section for more info. Clicking this button will open the  ‘PDF Link Transform’  window.

Update :  This action will update imported PDF links which had been modified later.

Re link.. :  Select or change the original PDF file for the links you previously imported. Use this button for re-linking PDF files without changing its respective positions.

Blank Page :  This button will insert blank inserting blank PDF pages.

Duplicate.. :  This button will insert the given number of duplicate links from the selected PDF link.

Insert PDF.. :  This button will insert PDF file links after the selected link number.

Import PDF.. :  This button will import single or multiple PDF files into the layout. This will add the links after the existing PDF links in the list.

 : You can also click the dropdown menu icon to get more import options.

• Import Sample PDF File.. :  Imports single or multiple PDF sample (dummy) files pages into the layout. 

• Insert Sample PDF File.. :  Inserts single or multiple PDF sample (dummy) files pages into the layout. 

• Import PDF Files from A Folder.. :  Imports all PDF files from a selected folder.

 :  Use this check box to Enable or disable selected links. Some layout options will disable this check box including ‘ Section Sewing ’ and  ‘Make Combo Half Form from Extra Pages:’

Fast Import :  Speed up the import process by saving files without a preview. Useful for large PDF files.

Show Preview :  Enable PDF link preview.

Original :  Shows preview directly from the source without any enhancements like color grading, special effects.

Force Update Page Previews :  Recreate and save all page previews even the files were not modified after import.

Disable Extra Pages :  In some layouts, total number of pages may not match with the current layout scheme, so you may need to make one or more small signatures to complete the book without wasting the paper. By selecting this option Imposition Studio will automatically calculate the PDF pages required for this layout and omit other PDF pages for signatures with fewer pages. You can also select / deselect the imported PDF pages to rearrange the signatures. You may also use the ‘ Make Combo Half Form from Extra Pages ’ option in the  Signature Settings  window to control the extra pages.

Available options for saddle stitching:

Put Extras in Outside :  Set the extra pages positioned to outside of the book (starting & ending pages).

Put Extras in Inside :  Set the extra pages positioned to inside of the book. (middle pages)

Available options for perfect binding:

Put Extras at the Beginning :  Set the extra pages positioned to the front of the book.

Put Extras at the End :  Set the extra pages positioned to the end of the book.

Note:  These disabled pages should print using a different layout and document.

Or use ‘ Make Combo Half Form from Extra Pages ’ option in the  Signature Settings  window.

Contextual Menu Options :  Many option menus available through link list contextual menu items. Right click on the link list to pop these items. You may use any of these commands or mix multiple commands to achieve the required results.

Open PDF File :  Open selected linked PDF file if available.

Insert Back Side Pages.. :  Insert common or multiple backside PDF link pages.

Number of Repeats: :  Allows to insert one or more PDF pages into multiple times into the layout.

Till the End of the List :  Insert selected PDF pages and repeats till the end of the document

Insert All Pages :  Insert selected PDF pages and repeats even after the last imported page link in the list.

Replace Selected PDF Pages.. :  Replace selected PDF link with a different PDF file.

Duplicate Selected PDF Page.. :  Replace selected PDF link with given number of repeats.

Select All Odd Pages :  Selects all odd numbered links in the list.

Select All Even Pages :  Selects all even numbered links in the list.

Select PDF Link Range.. :  Selects all links in a specified range in the list.

Add Blank Pages Before Every Pages :  Inserts blank page links before every pages in the list.

Add Blank Pages After Every Pages :  Inserts blank page links after every pages in the list.

Insert at Alternate Link Numbers :  Inserts selected PDF files to every alternate link numbers in the list.

More tips on disable extra pages..

Status notification legends :  Some special informative icons will show on each items on the list for easy notification along with total PDF link informations.

 PDF File Modified :  The PDF link file has been modified since last imported.

 PDF Page Not Available :  The PDF link file not have the required ( it was there when last imported) page number.

 PDF File Missing :  The PDF link file is not available in the original location.

 PDF Link Transformed :  Some modification on size & location done (within Imposition Studio only) on the PDF page.

How Imposition Studio handle Bounding Boxes:

Imposition studio uses two types of PDF bounding boxes to get the boundaries of a PDF page. If a crop box is defined in a PDF page, then it will take as the boundary otherwise use media box. All pages will be placed centered on the given page box by default. It will be perfect for almost all situations. If you want to apply any mis-aligned crop box information to the PDF file then use the included Utility “ Repair PDF for Compatibility ”. This utility will apply the crop/trim box information into the PDF file and change the media box as per the crop/trim box informations.