Paper Sizes

Paper Sizes Window

A list of pre-defined printing paper sizes. Can be used to set all required paper size fields. You can open this window using the Paper Sizes.. menu item on the  Setup  menu.

Paper Sizes List 

List :  Lists all available paper sizes.

Remove :  Removes selected paper size from the list.

Edit.. :  Allow you to edit the paper sizes you created before.

Add New Paper Sizes :  Add new machines to the list using the Add / Edit paper sizes window.

Click the checkbox to add the paper into favorites section :  Checking check boxes on the right side of the each paper sizes will add the selected paper into the favorites sections of the Paper selector menu.

Paper Size List 

Name :  Name of the paper size.

Short Name : Used for identifying machine internally.

Width :  Width of the paper size.

Height :  Height of the paper size.