Reset Imposition Studio

Reset Imposition Studio 

In rare occasions Imposition Studio may show some errors and refuse to continue. The best solution for this kind of errors is try to reset the application. As a first step of trouble shoot you may reset some preferences.

Application Preferences :  Clear application preferences.

Registration Informations :  Clear all license & activation informations. You need to register again using the original license informations.

User Preferences :  User settings including user created machines, paper sizes and automated workflows. All settings will reset to default machines, paper sizes and workflows.

Change All Into Factory Defaults :  Reset Imposition Studio into the original state after installation.

Note :  If the Application Starts normally then try to reset Imposition Studio Using the "Reset Imposition Studio" Menu (Help Menu on Windows & Application Menu on Mac) to reset Imposition Studio

If the error on startup then Start the application While holding the Option or Alter or Control key. Then the reset menu will pop up. then Reset Imposition Studio.