Cut & Stack Setup

Cut & Stack Setup Window

Number Of Sheets :  ( In a Stack ) Sets the number of sheets in a stack. In this given example picture, total sheets in a stack is set to 10.

Auto Sheet Count :  Automatically sets the numbers of sheets per stack.

Minimum :  ( Sheets in a Stack )Minimum sheet count for auto sheet count mode.

Maximum :  ( Sheets in a Stack ) Minimum sheet count for auto sheet count mode.

Custom PDF Pages : ( In a Master Form )is useful to make a layout which place PDF pages different than total page repeats in a signature. Because you have used repeat PDF pages on the layout. Otherwise keep the check box unchecked. You need to edit the dynamic pages manually if custom number of pages check box is checked.

How to calculate Total sheets in a stack?

Sheets in a stack = Total number of PDF links / number of repeats in a master form. And make sure the sheets in a stack / total number of PDF links is not resulting a remainder. If there is a remainder then the output will show some empty pages.

Auto Sheet Count ’ mode recommended.

Custom PDF Pages :

This option is useful when a layout contain different number of PDF pages than the total page repeats in a master form. If you want to repeat same PDF pages on the layout then use this option, otherwise keep the checkbox option unchecked. You need to edit the symbolic pages as per your requirement manually if ‘ Custom PDF Pages ’ checkbox is checked.

Notes :  For front && back layouts, keep all back PDF pages after the front PDF pages. Example: Use the front pages as 1,3,5,7... and back pages as 2,4,6,8..etc. So always keep all backside PDF pages in the second master signature page.