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New.. : Create a new impositions layout. You will get 3 ways to choose.

• Auto Layout.. :  Create new layout using  Auto Layout Assistant.

• QuickLayout.. :  Create new layout using  QuickLayout  mode.

• Manual Layout.. :  Create new layout using  Manual Layout Wizard.

Open :  Open a document from disk.

Save :  Save the layout. 

Save As.. :  Save the layout in a different name.

Save with Smaller File Size :  Save the layout without page previews and other caches. Resulted file will be small in size.

Save Signature as Image (72dpi).. :  Save current signature as image.

Add Layout to  ▸  Adds current layout into given locations.

QuickLayout.. :  Adds current layout into QuickLayout menu as a template for future use.

Templates.. :  Adds current layout into user templates. This template will be available in ‘User Templates’ section of the ‘ Templates & Examples ’ window.

Save A Copy for Email.. :  Save the layout as small as possible. Suitable for attach in an email message.

Export Signature as Image (72dpi).. :  Save current signature as an image for your reference.

Create PDF Output.. :  Create / Export layout into an Output PDF.

Create PDF for Digital Proofing.. :  If the layout is in CTP mode, this command creates PDF output with margin without taking the plate size. Useful for proofing. 

Collect Links & Archive.. :  Collect all linked PDF files and layout file in a folder.


Zoom In :  Makes preview bigger. Key shortcut : Control / Command + ‘+’ key

Zoom Out :  Makes preview smaller. Key shortcut : Control / Command + ‘-’ key

Scale to Fit :  Makes preview fits on the preview screen. Key shortcut : Control / Command + ‘0’ key

Original Size :  Makes preview in it’s original size. Key shortcut : Control / Command + ‘1’ key

Show Details :  Shows all page guides & numbers on the preview screen.

• Hide Details :  Hides all page guides & numbers on the preview screen.

Output PDF Preview :  Shows the layout preview exactly as on the output PDF.

Preview Quality :  Control the output PDF preview quality

Normal Quality :  Shows the output PDF preview in regular quality.

High Quality :  Shows the output PDF preview in higher quality.

Zoom Buttons : You may use the zoom buttons on the  Layout Editor  to achieve same preview result

 Zoom In  Zoom Out   Scale to Fit   Original Size


Apply Auto Pagination.. :  All Page numbers are set to ‘0’ while you creating a layout Manually. You can use this command to apply auto page numbers to the current manual layout if the layout is eligible for a standard folding, ups & paper turning methods.  

Copy Page Numbers to  This command will copy the current selected symbolic page number to other pages in the signature according to the sub menu you select. 3 options are available.

• All Pages in the Signature :  Copy the current symbolic page number to all pages in the signature.

• All Pages in the Selected Row : Copy the current symbolic page number to all pages in the current row.

• All Pages in the Selected Column :  copy the current symbolic page number to all pages in the current column.

Copy to Opposite Signature   Copy the settings of current signature to the opposite side signature as per the sub menu you select.
This will work only when you have two master signature in the layout. 3 options are available.

• All Settings : Copy all settings of current signature to opposite side signature of the form.

• Page Settings : Copy page settings of current signature to opposite side signature of the form.

Clear Page Transformations.. :  This command will remove all page transformations of the selected page. 

Clear All Overridden Auto PDF Pages.. :  This command will remove overridden page info of the selected page and revert to original page number.

Hide Master Page On :  This command will hide selected master page on the selected position. Hidden pages will not print or show preview. Useful for  gang run  jobs

Unhide Master Page On :  This command will unhide selected page master on the selected position previously made hidden.

Show All Master Pages :  This command will show all master pages previously made hidden.

Swap Signature Sides :  This command will interchange front & back master signatures.

Swap Paper Turning Style Silently :  This command will Swap the ‘ Paper Turning Method ’ without changing any of the signature or page properties. Work & Turn layouts will be changed to Work & Tumble and vice versa. This command will keep the page numbers as is in the layout. this is useful when you made a manual layout not considering the Paper Turning Method’ or you opened an old layout which was created without the paper turning option.

Set Page Size From Linked PDF File :  This command will change default page size to the size of first PDF link.

Update Current Page Preview :  This command will recreate page preview of the selected page.


Signature Settings.. :  Open  Signature Settings  window

PDF Link Settings.. :  Open  PDF Link Settings  window

Master Page Properties.. :  Open  Master Page Properties  window

Gang Run Transformation.. :  Open  Gang Run Transformations  window

PDF Link Transformations.. :  Open  PDF Link Transform  window

Override Auto PDF Link.. :  Open  Override Auto PDF Link  window

Layout Preferences.. :  Open  Layout Preferences  window

Default Layout Preferences.. :  This menu item will be shown instead of  Layout Preferences  when no layout is opened. Preferences will be saved as global default for all new documents.

Default Measurement Unit.. :  Allows you to set default measurement unit. Available units are Points, Inches Decimal, Millimetres and Centimeters.

Job Info.. :  Open  Job Info  Window

Creep Setup.. :  Open  Creep Setup  window

Colors & Separations.. :  Open  Colors & Separations  window

Printing Machines.. :  Open  Printing Machines  window

Paper Sizes.. :  Open  Paper Sizes  window

Color Profiles.. :  Open  Color Profiles  window

PDF Resources.. :  Open  PDF Resources  window

Notes.. :  Open  Notes  window


View  PDF Utilities  Section


Show Workflow Manager :  Shows workflow manager window for add, remove edit, view, start & stop workflow queues.

Start Workflow Manager.. :  Starts Workflow with all available queue items.

Stop Workflow Manager :  Stops all running queue items.

Add Workflow Item.. :  Adds a queue item to the workflow.

Show Master Workflow Folder.. :  Shows the master workflow folder contain all queue hot folders.


Lists all currently opened windows. you may use this menu to view overlapped windows.

Help / Imposition Studio 

About Imposition Studio.. : *  Shows the about application window

Imposition Studio User Guide :  Shows online user guide using your default internet browser.

Show Sample PDF Files.. :  Shows the folder stores all sample files. useful for new layout testing.

Show User Resources Folder.. :  Shows the locations for all user resources including added profiles, fonts, PDF logos, PDF colour wedges, user templates, user QuickLayouts etc.

Change User Resources Folder.. :  Allows you to select a different location for ‘User Resources Folder’. 

What Is New In This version :  Shows what is new in this updated version.

Check For Version Update.. : *  Check online for new updates and downloads if any available.

Tutorial Videos.. :  Shows the how-to-do  tutorial videos  online.

Activation.. :  * Allows to register and activate Imposition Studio after purchasing the license.

• Buy Imposition Studio Advanced Features.. :  * ( Mac App Store edition only) Allows to purchase Imposition Studio features if you are using the lite edition from the Mac App Store.

Reset Imposition Studio Settings.. : *  Reset Imposition Studio  if the application found some error.

Imposition Studio Home.. :  Shows Imposition Studio home web site

* Note:  In macOS, some of this menu items will show only on the application menu ( Imposition Studio menu ) instead of this help menu. 




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