PDF Output Settings

PDF Output Settings Window

Outputs the Imposition layout into a PDF file. The resulted file is fully compatible for Digital Printers, Image Setters and CTP machines. Imposition Studio does not alter any of the PDF elements in this process. So the resulted output file is as clean & trouble free as your original source PDF files.

PDF Output 

Output Folder :  Select the folder to save the PDF output file.

Signatures From :  Select the starting signatures number you want to output.

Signatures To :  Select the ending signatures number you want to output.

Combine All Output PDF files :  By selecting this option Imposition Studio will combine the selected number of signature PDF files into one PDF file.


Two more options available when using ‘Make Combo Half Form from Extra Pages’ on  signature settings  window.

Include Combo Half Form Signature : Allow you to print ‘ Half Form ’ along with all full forms when you select ‘ Show All Full Forms ’ in the ‘ Layout Editor ’ window. 

Include All Combo Full Form Signatures : Allow you to print all ‘ Full Forms ’ along with half form when you select ‘ Show Half Form Only ’ in the ‘ Layout Editor ’ window..

Note:  In Digital/Film Output mode, If the Auto PDF Output Size is checked in Signature settings. Then PDF Output will be trimmed to the selected margin amount regardless of the printing paper selection.

Batch / Sections PDF Output 

Output Folder :  Select the folder to save the output file.

Output Mode :  Select the output mode options. 

• Split into Small Groups  Outputs the PDF files with selected number of pages. For example, you have more than 100 signature in the layout and you may out put 10 output PDF files with 10 signatures.

• Signatures From :  Select the starting signatures number you want to output.

• Signatures To :  Select the ending signatures number you want to output.

• Output for Section Sewing  This option is suitable for ‘Perfect binding’ or ‘Section Sewing’ with multi signature per folding. For example, You want to make 16 page folding, then binding the groups together to make a book. This option only require if you need to print more than one form to make a folded unit for binding.

• Pages in a Section :  Shows the number of pages in a section you previously set on the ’ Signature Settings ’ window.

• Sections From :  Select the starting section number you want to output.

• Sections To :  Select the ending section number you want to output.

• Batch with PDF Source File Folder  This option is suitable for who need to output same type of signatures with different PDF files. Please take care to make sure all PDF file have the same size of the original PDF link. The master layout should contain only one PDF link file. Multiple links are not allowed. This option only useful for simple batch jobs. For advanced batch processing, use  Automatic Workflow .

• Batch Source Folder :  Select the folder containing all source PDF files for batch output.

Output Options 

Slug Line Text :  Allow to fine tune the auto generated slug line text.

View Output PDF Files :  Open completed output files using the default PDF reader application.

Output File Naming Scheme  Control the naming scheme for the output PDF file.

3 options are available..

• Layout Document Name :  Name output file with the layout file name.

• First PDF Link File Name :  Name output file with the name of the first PDF link file in the link setup.

• Use Custom Name :  Enter the PDF output file name manually on ‘Output PDF File Name’ field.

Distortion Compensation :  Allow to apply distortion compensation to the output.

Distortion Compensation Factor :  Allow to apply distortion compensation values to the output vertically or horizontally.

Calculator.. :  Open the distortion compensation calculator window.

Go to  Distortion Compensation  section for more information of ‘Distortion Compensation Calculator’ window.

Disable Resource Optimization :  Disabling optimization for repeat elements in the document. Use only with low memory situations. Checking this option will increase the output PDF size.

Use Hard Disk for Extra Memory :  Uses your hard disk space as memory if the layout contain bigger PDF files which need more memory than the computer RAM.

Note :  Use only with huge source PDF files or low memory situations. By checking above 2 options may increase output PDF size or takes too long to create output PDF files.

Digital Proofing 

The imposition proof is the last test that is performed before beginning the print run. This test is performed to verify, through the formation of a prototype, that the imposition was successful. Typical checks are that the pages are on the correct spot and the crossover bleeds work etc.

Create PDF for Digital Proofing : Use this ‘ File Menu ’ item to output digital ready PDF file contain only the pages and printer’s marks. and slug area. Useful for all CTP layouts which always have huge extra empty area outside the actual printing area.

  Important :  it is very important to print a proof of your output PDF before going for final production. Especially if you are printing in large quantity or the job itself big in number of pages or size. You may even use a small sized black & white printer to create a miniature proof. A digital proof should save a lot of your money and time.