Colors & Separations

Colors & Separations Window

Checks the colors in the imported PDF links. Imposition Studio will not change the colors in the output PDF file. This window only shows the color info of the PDF objects & images, and Separations, including Special Colors. Color info also visible in the signature preview window. You need to update the color info by opening this window to show the info bar correctly. You may view different color mode images using the image mode check box. 

You can access these utilities using the Colors & Separations button on the setup tool panel on the  Layout Editor  or Colors & Separations.. menu on the  menu bar

Show Transparency : Shows the actual transparency for the selected PDF page.

Object Colors In The Page :  Lists the number of color spaces and modes used in every objects in the selected page.

Total Color Separations :  Lists the total number of color separations / plates available in the layout. 

Color Modes : Shows only images with selected color mode.