Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore Window

In this window, users can easily perform two essential functions: backing up and restoring all Imposition Studio settings, which include workflows, machines, papers, marks, and more.

Versions :  A list of all versions installed on the system or indicates the version number of the loaded backup file.

Load :  Use this button to load a previously saved backup file, facilitating the restoration of settings.

Settings :  Users can precisely choose individual settings, such as Printing Machines, Paper Sizes, PDF Optimizers, Workflows, Swatches, and more, to import into the current version.

Restore All From the Loaded Backup File :  This function allows users to seamlessly import all settings from the loaded backup file, ensuring a comprehensive restoration process.

Backup Settings :  Empowering users to safeguard their configurations, this feature allows them to back up all settings to a file. This backup file serves as insurance for potential future use, especially in case of encountering errors or when transferring settings to a different computer.

Import :  This option enables users to bring in specific items from selected settings, providing a flexible and granular approach to configuration.

IS Backup Assistant  

Before v8, certain installations of Imposition Studio may experience backup failures due to various reasons. Use the backup utility called 'IS Backup Assistant' to execute backups on such computers. Opt for IS Backup Assistant for a more flexible backup process, taking advantage of the new backup method introduced in v8.

Download  IS Backup Assistant foe Windows

Download  IS Backup Assistant foe macOS