Application Settings

Application Settings Window


Measurement Unit :  Sets the measurement unit for Imposition Studio.

Page Move Nudge :  Sets the amount to move while nudging the pages using the arrow keys. Use control key (command key for macOS) + arrow key combination to nudge the selected page.

Rule Coordinates :  Sets the coordinates for the ruler info on the Signature Viewer window.


Show Original Text Side by Side :  Use this option to show the original english text side by side with the translated text

Do Not Localize Template Names :  Set this option to disable localized files names in templates window.

Do Not Localize Grading Profile Names :  Use this option to disable localization for grading profile names.

Add Code Names To Grading Profile Names :  Use this option to show the grading profile short code along with the name.


Default Page Width :  Set the default page box width for all new documents hereafter.

Default Page Height :  Set the default page box height for all new documents hereafter.

Default Page Bleed :  Set the default page box bleed for all new documents hereafter.

Default Page Slug Area :  Set the default layout slug area for all new documents hereafter.

Nudge Distance :  Set the default layout nudge distance for moving layout objects using keyboard keys hereafter.

Precision Layout Object Selection :  This option reduces the tolerance when selecting objects in layout preview. Useful for selecting objects on very small pages.

Search on Favourite Paper Sizes Only :  Searching for a suitable paper size will only consider the favourite paper size list on the paper settings

Show Guides :  Toggle to show or hide page details, including symbolic page numbers, dynamic page numbers, PDF file names, and all page and bleed boundaries.


Combine All Output PDF files :  By selecting this option Imposition Studio will combine the selected number of signature PDF files into one PDF file.

Include Combo Half Form Signature : Two more options available when using ‘Make Combo Half Form from Extra Pages’ on  signature settings  window.

View Output PDF Files :  Open completed output files using the default PDF reader application.

Open Behind the Application :  This option opens the output PDF file behind the application.

Remember Signature Selection :  This option restores signature numbers selected for last successful PDF output.


QuickLayout Page Size :  Set defaults for the automatic page size options when using QuickLayout mode.

Preserve Job Informations For QuickLayout :  This option will preserve job informations like job name, client name, job number, slugline, sticky notes, etc when creating a new QuickLayout job using this layout.

Disable Preview Cache :  Preview cache is required for speeding up signature preview. You may disable this option if you had experienced low memory errors (Use only on low memory error conditions).

Show Notes on Open :  Shows the notes window while opening the layout.

Show Layout Info as Sticky Note :  Show layout informations and custom notes texts as a sticky note on output file.

Keep Minimized :  Show layout information notes as an icon on first page.

Rename Locked Output PDF Files :  You cannot delete or rename a PDF file which is opened in Adobe Acrobat PDF viewers. So Imposition Studio will add an incremental extra character on save. You may use a different PDF viewer application to solve the file locking issue.

Ignore File Errors From Remote Disks :  Some types of network mounted disks including NAS may shows cause file missing errors in some cases. Use this option to ignore such errors when accessing files from a network drive.

Disable Link Preview Auto Update :  Set this option to disable auto updating link previews when you change color profiles. Useful for when your layout contains very large link files or so many links. Please note, optimizers have separate options for preview updates in optimizer settings.