Auto Layout Assistant

Auto Layout Assistant Window

This is the window which opens while you select ‘New > Auto Layout..” from menu or  Templates Window  or from the  File Menu.

Tool Buttons & Menus 

Job Type :  Select the job type you want to create. 

3 types of jobs are available.

• Book :  Select this type if you want to print any type of books with a binding.

• Folded Leaflet :  Select this type for single sheet with or without folding contain multiple PDF pages.

• Plain Cut Sheet :  Select this type for all single sheet job contain single PDF page. (2 pages for front & back job).

Single Cut :  Use this option when a repeat job can be separated using a single cut (Available only with Plain Cut Sheet option)

Job Style :  Different styles available for ‘Plain Cut Sheet’ job type

• N-Up :  Print each PDF files in sequence.

• Step & Repeat :  Print each PDF files in row wise, column wise or full repeats.

3 options are available in Step & Repeat mode using the Setup button.

• Repeat All :  Print single PDF file in all repeats in the signature.

• Column Wise Repeat :  Print each PDF pages in each columns.

• Row Wise Repeat :  Print each PDF pages in each rows.

• Cut & Stack Set :  Print all PDF files in separate groups. Each group can stack together to make the sequence. In this mode The second page of the PDF will print on the next sheet regardless how many PDF columns & rows in the layout. Use the  Setup..  button to open the ‘ Cut & Stack Setup ’ window to set the number of sheets in a cut & stack set and the number of pages used in a sheet.

Usage Info :  Shows more info about the selected job style.

PDF Pages in a Sheet :  View the number of PDF page boxes in a master form. It is number of rows X number of columns. This value includes both sides if the layout has two sides.

Total PDF Pages :  Total number of PDF pages in a document depend on the number of PDF pages you imported into the layout. After completing this layout assistant, open 'PDF Links Settings’ window to import all required pages into the layout. Imposition Studio will add required signatures automatically.

Pagination Style :  Shows the possible layouts which matches the job type and total pages combinations. Some details in this window are not editable. They only shows the settings in the selected layouts including page numbers. If auto layout not available with some page and column / row combinations, you need to try creating the layout manually using the Manual Layout Assistant.

PDF Page Columns :  Number of page columns in the layout. (In the above screenshot shows 4 columns.)

PDF Page Rows :  Number of page rows in the layout. In the above screenshot shows 2 rows.

Page Orientation :  Sets how the pages positioned on the signature, vertically or horizontally. 

Signature Sides :  Select the number of signatures required to complete a print form. Front & back jobs require Two sets to complete the form.

Paper Turning :  Set the style of front & back printing with one or two signature sets. This describes how you turn the paper for backside printing after completing the front side printing.

Single Page Box Size :  Final trim size of the page. Select the preset or enter values in ‘Width’ and ‘Height’ fields. 

Pagination Preview :  Shows the symbolic page numbers for the signature. All number previews are for the master form only. Actual numbers will be differ depend on the number of imported pages, binding methods and the settings on the PDF links setup etc.

Front / Back :  Toggles between front & back signatures.

Swap Sides :  Interchange front & back signatures in a two sided layout. Front signature will be on back and back will be on front.

Note :  Use ‘Signature Settings’ and ‘Layout Preferences’ later for more customization like print run size, marks, CTP etc.

Create printed proofs of the signatures and check the pagination and folding thoroughly before final printing.