BleedMaker v2

BleedMaker Window

Add extra bleed area for PDF documents which contain no or insufficient or partial bleed.

Pages :  Select the appropriate page selection modes from this menu to choose pages for processing. In selected pages mode, enter the page numbers for which you want to create an additional bleed area. You can specify individual page numbers like 1, 2, 3, 5, or groups such as 1-5. Alternatively, you can choose the default option 'All Pages' to process all pages.

Method :  Select any of the below methods to create bleed area.

Mirror :  Extends the portion of the page to the bleed area.

Repeat :  Repeats and extends the portions near the trim line to create an effect of bleed.

Scale :  Enlarge the page size to fit the bleed box of the output. Best option when no important graphic element is placed near page edges.

Solid Color :  Apply selected solid color in the bleed area to create an effect of bleed.

Color :  The color of the bleed if Solid color method is selected.

Keep Aspect Ratio :  This option will maintain the width and height aspect ratio when using the Scale method to create bleed on PDF pages.

Rasterize Bleed :  This will generate bleed with rasterized elements. This option is beneficial when the page contains complex objects and the default mode is causing printing issues.

Page Size :  The final trim size for the page. The position at which the bleed starts may vary depending on the values entered in the compensation field.

Width :  Page trim width.

Height :  Page trim height.

Bleed :  The exact amount of bleed required, which actually extends from the page's trim size provided in the above trim size fields.

Compensation :  The amount of bleed that extends inward toward the page center from the edges. Use this option to compensate for size differences between the artwork and the page. A sufficient value will eliminate any empty spaces on the trim edges.

Slug Area :  The required extra space around the page's trim size, including the bleed area. You may enter a custom value or keep as auto. 

Margin :  The required extra space around the page's trim size, including the bleed area.

Cleanup Slug Area :  Clean up the original slug area by removing all previous design elements, marks, and slug lines.

Rasterize Page :  Convert the full page and bleed area into a raster image. Adjust the image resolution using the quality menu and specify a color profile in the profile menu for color management.

Raster Quality :  Adjusts the resolution and image quality for the rasterized page.

Color Profile :  Select a suitable color profile for color management of the rasterized page.

Add Crop Marks :  Generates crop marks at all corners of the page's trim area.

Add File Info :  Includes PDF file details in the slug area. 

Add Bounding Boxes :  Add bounding box information such as Trim Box, Bleed Box, etc., into the resulting PDF file.

Preview :  Update preview with current settings.

Select PDF File.. :  Select a PDF file for BleedMaker.

Contextual Menu Options:  There are few contextual menu options available as a triangle menu button.

Save Settings as Preset :   Allows to save current settings as template to use with other PDF files.

Reset All :  Reset all fields to its default values.