Activation Window

Use ‘Activation..’ menu on the application menu (help menu on Windows) to open the main activation window.

License Informations :  You can view all informations for the loaded license on the window including user’s name, company, edition type etc. many information displayed here (like name, company, email etc.) are given by you while purchasing from the online store.

User Activation Slot list :  Lists the users and their allotted slots.

Available columns:

Number :  Slot number of the activation.

Computer :  Name of the activated computer.

Update Plan :  Update plan validity of the slot.

Used Up :  Number of activations/transfers are completed on the slot in a license year.

Remaining :  Number of activations/transfers are remaining on the slot.

Status :  Current status of the slot.

Available status:

** :  Empty slot, Activation option is available on this slot.

Activated :  Activated by a user. This slot is no longer available for activating other users unless de-activated by the same computer.

Updates Activation :  Activated by a user using a lower version. Need to updates the activation by clicking the ‘Update Activation’ (Activate..) button.

Updates Plan Expired :  Future updates plan for the current slot has been expired. You need to buy an extended updates plan to activate current version.

Deactivate :  Deactivate computer from the active slot. You have to do this action to free an activated slot for a new computer.

Activate.. :  Activate your computer on any of the free slot.

Note:  Once deactivated from a slot, the computer can not to be activated again on any of the slots later on.