Layout Editor

Layout Viewer & Editor Window

Signature Layout Editor Window 

This window provides a pure WYSIWYG live preview, allowing you to see all signature elements, including page details and how the pages will be output to CTP, image-setter, or digital printer. The live preview encompasses plates, paper, marks, color control strips, and the positioning of signatures on the plate, film, or paper.

Setup Tool Panel 

You could access many setup windows and status windows from here.

QuickLayout :  Allow you to create any layouts from a PDF file using previously saved QuickLayouts.

Signature Settings:  Opens the settings window for basic values like page, paper, output, number of page ups, binding type, output type etc..

PDF Link Settings :  Opens the settings window for importing source PDF file links to the layout. You may add, remove or re-arrange pages using the window.

Layout Preferences :  Opens the preferences window for crop marks, register marks, slug line, PDF color mode and many basic preferences. If there is no job opened, then the preferences will be saved as default for all new jobs.

Master Page Properties :  Opens the window for master page settings. Settings include symbolic page number, page rotation, gang run transformations, custom crop marks etc. You must select the first master signature pages in the signature list to edit the page properties.

Colors & Separations :  You may view and examine colors, image modes used in the imported PDF files.

Templates & Examples :  Shows the templates & examples window. 

Auto PDF Workflow :  Opens the workflow window to setup and run hot folder based automatic workflow.

Misc PDF Utilities : You can access many PDF based utilities like combine PDF, rotation PDF etc.

Create PDF Output : Setup & create final output PDF files for printing.

Preview Tool Panel 

You could access many view toggle check boxes here.

Signature List :  Below the button panel, shows all signatures individually. These list of signatures are created automatically. Changing the number of PDF page links changes the signature count in the list. You must select the first master signature pages to edit the page properties.

Pages :  Shows all PDF pages boxes.

Marks :  Shows all printing marks including color bars, crop marks and register marks.

Page Info :  Shows page details including symbolic page numbers, file name and all page and bleed boundaries.

Images :  Shows all PDF pages with preview.

Color Bar Button :  Opens the ‘ Color Separation ’ window and display the listed colors here.

Layout Info panel :  Displays all major details about the layout including page size, output size, crop size, paper size output mode, etc.. Move mouse on the list to get a complete view of the info list. 

Lock / Unlock :  Use to lock or unlock the layout to prevent accidental changes on the layout. 

Notes:  You may add a note about the layout into the layout file. This will reappear whenever anyone opens this layout file. And this note will include in the final output PDF file as a non-printable annotation and the ‘Notes window’ will pop-up to alert the user while opening the PDF file for final printing

Quick Action Menu Buttons 

Go to  Quick Action Menu Buttons  sections for details.

Zoom Tool Panel 

Zoom In :  Makes preview bigger. Key shortcut : Control / Command + ‘+’ key

Zoom Out :  Makes preview smaller. Key shortcut : Control / Command + ‘-’ key

Scale to Fit :  Makes preview fits on the preview screen. Key shortcut : Control / Command + ‘0’ key

Original Size :  Makes preview in its original size. Key shortcut : Control / Command + ‘1’ key

Control Tool Panel 

Control sections & combo half form layouts.

Section :  View selected sections only when 'Section Sewing / Smyth Sewing' is enabled in the  Signature Settings .  

Show All Full Forms / Show Half Form Only :  View full forms or half forms when Half Forms For Extra Pages is enabled in the  Signature Settings .

More tips on ‘Half Forms For Extra Pages’..