Registration Window

You will have been provided with a license file when purchasing Imposition Studio. You will need this license file to register Imposition Studio.

If you have not done so already, Please download the licensed version of Imposition Studio from . After downloading and installing the software you will be able to launch it in 'demo' mode.

Use ‘Activation..’ menu on the application menu (help menu on Windows) to open this registration window.

Load License File :  Select and load your current license file to register. Imposition Studio accepts both v5 & v6 license files. Make sure your license have valid future updates plan for the Imposition Studio version you are running. If your future updates plan has expired then buy an extended updates plan from

Later :  Continue in demo mode.

If you already registered with the license file then ‘ Activation window ’ will open directly.

Registration Window - Alternate

This registration option will be shown instead of regular registration window on some situations. Available options are the same on the original registration window.

Note:  Imposition Studio is platform independent. You can use the same license file to register a Windows PC or a Mac. You can also register both PC & Mac together with a mixed environment contain PCs & Macs using a multi user license or adding additional user license on a single user license.




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