Distortion Compensation

Distortion Compensation Calculator

Distortion compensation value refers to the differential stretch ratio that occurs between the top and bottom of a flexography plate. The distortion occurs when the flexible plate is wrapped around a curved press cylinder. To compensate the distortion on press cylinders, you must apply a reduced amount on the cylinder circumferences axis than the original layout.

Calculation Mode :  The method to calculating compensation factor.

Circular Pitch (CP) :  It’s the distance from a point on a gear tooth along the pitch circle of the gear to the corresponding point on the next gear tooth.

Diametral Pitch (DP) :  It’s a ratio equal to the number of gear teeth per inch of printing diameter.

Cylinder Diameter :  Diameter of the printing cylinder.

Repeat Length :  Effective length of the final image repeat.

Gear Teeth Pitch :  Teeth pitch of the plate cylinder gear.

Number of Gear Teeth :  Number of teeth in the gear.

Total Plate Thickness :  Thickness of the plate.

Mounting Tape Thickness :  Thickness of the mounting tape.

Effective Repeat Length :  Effective length of the final image repeat.

Distortion Compensation Factor :  Resulted compensation factor to apply on the  Output Settings  window.

Custom :  Use this option to apply a pre-defined compensation value.