Languages (Beta)

Innovative 'Contributory Localization' Now supports almost all local languages!


Imposition Studio for non English speaking people!

About Contributory Localisation 

Since the initial launch of the Imposition Studio, users were started to ask for localized versions like Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese etc. From version 6.0 we included an innovative (industry first) way to localize the application.

Localization starts with basic Google based translation (may read FUNNY) for most major languages. Those translations will contain so many errors and wrong interpretations for technical terms used in the application. But those are only a raw language base to achieve a technically correct localization. Any user can improve the language with their own changes by editing individual localized words or sentences from the original english language. And users may add new languages which are not present in the language list.

Users may submit the altered language data to us, so the improved language data will be available to all of the users as default.

Localisation Settings 

Language :  Allow you select your preferred languages from the list.

Available languages :

English (Default)

Spanish - Español

French - français 

German - Deutsch

Italian - Italiano

Portuguese - Português 

Dutch - Nederlands 

Swedish - Svenska

Danish - dansk

Finnish - Suomalainen

Norwegian - norsk 

Russian - Русский

Polish - Polskie

Czech - čeština

Romanian - Română

Greek - ελληνικά 

Hungarian - Magyar 

Japanese -  日本語

Simplified Chinese -  简体中文

Traditional Chinese -  繁体中文

Korean -  한국어

Arabic -  العربية

Hebrew - עברית

Turkish - Türkçe

Bulgarian - български

Georgian -  ქართული

Ukrainian - Українська

Malay - Melayu

Indonesian - bahasa Indonesia

Thai -  ไทย

Farsi -  فارسی

Hindi -  हिंदी

Malayalam -  മലയാളം

Or you may create your own language that not listed here.

Create New Language 1

Create New Language 2

Create New Language 3

Create New Language 4

Create New Language 5

About Contributory Localization :  Shows the information for contributory localization.

Options Menu   :  Dropdown menu on the top right corner of the window.

Show More Options..  Shows detailed language settings window with more options for localization. (More info on below section )

Reset Current Language to defaults..  Reset currently selected language into its default settings. Any changes you have made on the language will be discarded. 

Reset All Language Settings To Defaults..  Reset the full localization system into its default settings. Any changes you have made on any of the languages will be discarded.

Language Settings > More Options

Font :  Some times you need special fonts to achieve the correct results for your languages. But default system font is always recommended.

Font Size Factor :  Allow you to control size of the selected fonts for all GUI elements like button caption, info label etc..

Sample Text :  Shows preview of the selected font in a GUI element info label.

Sample Bold Text :  Shows preview of the selected bold font in a GUI element info label.

Sample Multiline Text :  Shows preview of the selected multiline font in a GUI element info label.

Sample Editable Text :  Shows preview of the selected font in a GUI element editable text box.

Sample Action Button :  Shows preview of the selected font in a GUI element Action Button.

Language Editor 

Language Data List :  Lists all available data in English which are used in Imposition Studio. Select the individual data to view its corresponding localized version in the respective fields. You can filter the list with following filter menu items.

Show All Language Data :  Loads all available language data items.

Show All My Contributions :  Loads all default language data items contributed by the user.

Recently Used Only :  Loads all recently used language data items while opening a settings window, error messages etc..

Defaults Only :  Loads all default language data items for the language.

Last Imported Only :  Loads all language data items added using the import menu.

Edited By Me Only :  Loads all language data items which are added or edited by the user.

New Words Only :  Loads all new language data items added by the user.

Missing Words Only :  Loads all missing language data items which were not present in the language section but used by the application.

Search :  Find the language data which contain the search text and load on the data list. 

Description Box :  A yellow colored box that shows the description for the selected language data. For example, Where it shows or the full text if it is divided into small groups or it is a caption for a button etc.

Edit Language :  Select the language you want to edit. The default language, English can not to be edited.

Options :  Shows list of submenu for specific actions.

Add Missing Text.. :  Add any missing text that you found not localized on the application and not in the language data list.

Rename Current Language.. :  Name your language when choosing ‘Create New Language’ in the language list.

Load All Datas From Other Language.. :  Allow you to import all localized text from a similar language. Only usable with ‘Create New Language’ option.

Export Language Data To A Text File.. :  Allow you to export all language dat to a text file for further editing.

Export Language Data To An Excel File.. :  Allow you to export all language dat to an Excel file for further editing.

Import Language Data From A Text File.. :  Allow you to import localized data from a previously exported text file.

Import Language Data From An Excel File.. :  Allow you to import localized data from a previously exported Excel file.

Check for Language Updates.. :  Allow you to check for a language update online. Devalipi Software updates language datas regularly with user submitted changes.

Reset Current Language To Defaults.. :  Resets current language into the factory default.

Reset All Language Settings To Defaults.. :  Resets all languages into the factory default.

Normal Font Size :  Makes font bigger fMakes font bigger for language editor field. 

Bigger Font Size :  Makes font bigger for language editor field.

Smaller Font Size :  Makes font smaller for language editor field.

Save :  Save the changes you made on the selected language data.

Auto Save :  Save automatically for each all language data you edited after.

Other Reference Data :  Shows the language data in a different preferred language to compare with. 

Original Data (English) :  Shows the full language data in English.

About Contributory Localization.. :  Shows the information for contributory localization. 

Credits :  shows the list of users who are contributed for a better language translations for the language.

Submit Changes :  Shows the ‘Submit Localization Changes’ window to summit the changes to Devalipi.

Note :  All languages but English are in early beta stage. You may try these languages and submit your own contributions to improve technical translations (otherwise look funny).

Please send to us the improved technical translations edited by you. Approved changes will be included in the next update.