Printing Machines

Printing Machines Window

A list of pre-defined printing machine specifications. Can be used to set output section of the ’Signature Settings’ window. You can open this window using the Printing Machines.. menu item on the  Setup  menu.

Machine List 

List :  Lists all available machines.

Remove :  Removes selected machine from the list.

Edit.. :  Allow you to edit the machine parameters you created before.

Add New Machine.. :  Add new machines to the list using the Add / Edit Machines window.

With CTP option you can select the included Printing Machine presets on the  Signature Settings  window. If you couldn’t find your machine in the preset list then create a new printing machine configurations for your CTP machine.

Imposition Studio only allowed to select a machine from from the list when the output method is set to CTP. But you may add your machine specifications for some different output modes.

Add / Edit Machines 

Machine Name :  Name of the Machine

Short Name :  Used for identifying machine internally.

Plate Width :  (CTP mode) Width of the plate.

Plate Height :  (CTP mode) Height of the plate.

Max. Paper Width :  Maximum paper width the machine can handle. 

Max. Paper Height :  Maximum paper height the machine can handle. 

Plate Gripper Margin :  (CTP mode) Distance from the bottom edge of the printing plate to the printable area of a plate. Required to position final printing image. Paper will be positioned on Plate Gripper Margin height minus Non Printable Area Height. 

Non Printable Area Height :  (CTP mode) A small area along the leading edge of the paper where the printer can not print as the machine uses that area to pick the paper.

Read  Plate & Signature Elements  section for more info about plate parameters.

Note :  Before setting up a CTP machine, check with your printing machine technical person for exact machine details. In normal cases you can achieve the required space from the bottom edge of the plate by entering the standard plate gripper margin and non printable paper area height.