Frequently asked questions

1) How to import PDF links into Imposition Studio?

Select " PDF Links Settings " from the tool panel or settings menu. Click the 'Import PDF..' button to import single or multiple PDF files into the layout.

2) Imposition Studio not allowing to enter all page numbers!

No need to enter all page numbers. The number you are trying to enter is the symbolic page number, a symbolic representation of the layout's page numbers. Actual page numbers will be automatically created by Imposition Studio. Change only the symbolic page numbers on the master pages form. The maximum symbolic page number allowed to enter is the total number of pages in the master form. For example, in a book with 32 pages in a two-up layout, the master page numbers for the front signature will be 4 and 1, and for the back side signature will be 2 and 3. All other pages will arrange automatically. Please check the  Templates  and  Example  layouts to study more. 

3) Can't edit page numbers of all signatures!

Only master pages are editable. If the layout uses front and back signatures, then the first and second signatures are editable; otherwise, only the first signature is editable. All other pages will arrange automatically.

4) “The page number you entered is not in the available range.” An error message pops up when editing page numbers.

Please refer to the answer for question number 2.

5) “Only master layout pages are editable” An error message pops up when I double-click to edit page numbers.

Please refer to the answer for question number 3.

6) How can I change the master page numbers?

You only need to change the page numbers for manually created layouts. Click the page preview of a page on the signature viewer to edit that page’s master page numbers and other properties. You can also select 'Master Page Settings..’ from the settings menu or from the setup tools panel. You need to select the page to enable these menus.

7) How can I move or change the size of individual pages?

Select the page you want to move by clicking the page preview on the signature viewer. Use the control key (command key for Mac) and arrow key combinations to move in all directions. Use the shift key to increase the nudge value. Edit the 'Nudge' value on the  Layout Settings  window to change the move distance for a single keystroke. You can also use the menu command ' PDF Link Transformations ..' to transform PDF links. Use the ' Clear Page Transformations ' menu to retain its original values.

8) How to enter page numbers automatically for a manual layout?

Select ' Apply Auto Pagination ' from the menu or right-clicking on the signature viewer window. Select the available matching layout and apply to set page numbers automatically.

9) How can I change the paper turning style without affecting the pagination?

Select ' Swap Paper Turning Style Silently ' from the command menu to change the page turning method without affecting the pagination.

10) How to edit individual binding gap / folding gap / routing margin values?

On the  Layout Editor  window, click on the desired page gaps on the layout preview to edit the 'Vertical Folding Gap' and 'Horizontal Folding Gap' between two adjacent pages. Select the 'Change All' checkbox to apply the new values to all corresponding folding gaps (horizontal or vertical) on the signature. Changes will apply to both sides if the layout contains two master signatures.

11) 'Available PDF Pages are not Sufficient to Make the Layout!' An error message pops up when I try to save PDF link settings.

This error occurs when the number of imported or enabled PDF files is less than required to complete all print forms. Ensure that you have added PDF pages in multiples of the master page numbers, including backside numbers for a two-sided layout.

Example: Suppose you are creating a layout for a 20-page book. It is a 4-up layout with 2 sides, totaling 8 pages in a form. You can output 16 pages without any issue. However, for the remaining 4 pages, you need to use a different layout with a fewer number of pages.

To resolve this error, consider the following options:

• Disable Extra Pages:

   - Use the 'Disable Extra Pages' checkbox to deactivate pages for the extra signature. Choose to place these disabled pages at the beginning, middle, or end of the book.

• Combo Half Form Modes:

   - Use any of the 'Combo Half Form' modes on the signature settings window. Decide to position these pages at the beginning, middle, end of the book, or use them as cover pages.

Selecting an appropriate option from the above choices will help eliminate the error and ensure a complete and accurate print form.

12) 'Insufficient PDF links available!' An error message pops up when I try to save PDF link settings.

Imported PDF links are not sufficient to make a complete print form. Refer to the answer for the previous question for solutions.

13) Crop Box and Trim Box Values Are Not Taken into Account When Importing a PDF Document into the Layout.

Crop box and trim box information will be ignored by default. Imposition Studio uses the media box as the PDF page boundary regardless of how trim and crop boxes are defined on the page. All pages will be placed centered on the given page box by default.  More information..

14) Unable to import source PDF files from my network drive.

Ensure that both the parent folders and the files themselves do not contain any illegal characters in their names. Consider creating a folder with a simple name at the root level of the network drive as the parent folder for your job files. Most types of network storage may face issues when accessing PDF files or generating PDF output files. It is advisable to confirm that all files are accessible locally to prevent potential network-related errors.