PDF Utilities

You can access these utilities using the PDF Utilities button on the setup tool panel on the  Layout Editor  or Utilities menu on the  menu bar


Combine PDF Files From Multiple Files.. :  Combine PDF files in to a single PDF file. You may use the ‘Combine PDF’ template layout from the ‘Template Window’ for more option like crop marks and bleed.

Import menu options : 

Import PDF Document.. :  Imports a PDF file into the combine list.

Import PDF Documents From Folder.. :  Imports all PDF files from a folder into the combine list.

Insert A PDF As Common Back Side.. :  Inserts a PDF page into every alternative page positions of the combine list as common backside.

Insert A Multi Page PDF In Every Alternate Pages.. :  Inserts pages from one or more PDF files in every alternative page positions of the combine list.

Create Images From a PDF File.. :  Create images from a PDF file

Create Images From PDF Files In A Folder.. :  Create images from PDF files from selected folder.

Create PDF from Image.. :  Create a PDF file from an Image file

Create PDFs from Images In A Folder.. :  Create PDF files from Image files from selected folder. 

Split / Tile PDF Document.. :  Split a PDF file vertically into desired number of pieces. Useful when your output device’s size is smaller than your printing machine’s paper size. 

Rotate PDF Pages.. :  Rotate selected pages from a PDF file or multiple PDF files from a folder.

Extract PDF Pages.. :  Extract selected pages from a PDF file and save into a single combined file or save as individual files.

Delete PDF Pages.. :  Delete selected pages from a PDF file and save as a single file.

BleedMaker.. :  Add extra bleed area for PDF documents which contain no or insufficient or partial bleed. Read more in  BleedMaker  section

Decrypt PDF File.. :  Allow you to remove restrictions permanently from an encrypted PDF output file using the master password set on encryption.

Convert Spread Page to Single Pages.. :  Converts ‘Spread Pages’ to single pages. In many occasions you may receive PDF files from client in Spread page format instead of standard single page format. This function saves your valuable time by converting the spread PDF to normal single page format. You need to make a single page layout with spread PDF size to enable this command. 

Has Single Cover Pages :  Select this check box if you have single pages at the beginning and end of the PDF document.

Reading Order :  Reading order of a book

Left to Right :  Select this option for all left to right reading languages (default) 

Right to Left :  Select this option if your book reads right to left like Arabic

Repair PDF For Compatibility.. :  Imposition Studio need center positioned PDF files to be import as a link. If any PDF files have mismatched bounding boxes, then you need to repair with this utility. Normally small size documents from some graphic applications like InDesign have this kind of mismatched PDF page boxes.

Batch Reduce File Size :  This feature allows you to reduce the size of the Imposition Studio layout files. You can perform this operation on a single file or a group of files within a folder.

Flexo Distortion Compensation Calculator.. :  Flexo distortion compensation value refers to the differential stretch ratio that occurs between the top and bottom of a flexo plate when it is mounted on a flexo press cylinder. This utility helps to calculate the value from given parameters from the machine & plate.