Creep Setup

Creep Setup Window

Click the creep setup button on the ‘ Signature & Imposition Setup ’ or using the ‘ Setup ’ menu item to open this window

On saddle-stitched books, inner pages are narrower than outer pages after cutting. We need to reduce the amount of removed spaces on the layout. This process is called creep.

Creep (Shingling) :  Enable or disable creep.

This Layout Starts with Page :  Set whether this layout is start with the first page of the book or not. If not the first page, then enter the page number. Otherwise keep the value 1

Sections in a Signature Set:  Select the number of separate folding sections in a folding set. This option only applies to cut & fold layouts. Otherwise keep the value 1.

Creep Method :  The method used for creep. Two options are available.

• Shrink To Fit :  Shrink the page to accommodate the final reduced size. This method is recommended as the distortion is not detectable in most cases.

• Move Towards Spine : I nner pages will move towards the spine. Suitable for pages with large inner margin available.

Printing Paper Weight :  Paper weight in GSM. One of the parameters for calculating auto creep.

Paper Type :  Printing paper type . One of the parameters for calculating auto creep.

Single Creep Value :  Resulted auto creep value for a single sheet.

• Custom :  Apply user defined creep value.

Preview Using Exaggerated 10x Single Creep Value :  This option will show the preview with exaggerated values. So you will get an Idea how the creep affects layout. But keep in mind that this is not the real creep value for the final out put file.