Workflow Options

Workflow Manager Window

Workflow Folders 

Select New Workflow Master Folder.. :  Choose a location or folder to create the master workflow folder, which will house all workflow items, including files and folders.

Queue Options 

Waiting Period :  The workflow will wait for a given period until the next search.

Show Main Layout Window :  This option will show all imposition actions on main window preview area. Otherwise all processes will be hidden.

Mute All Sounds :  Mute all workflow sounds including the sounds for errors and output complete.

Run Minimized :  This option hides all workflow windows and shows only a small floating window with a preview. You may enter the opacity value to reduce visibility.

Do Not Write Workflow Log File :  Disable the workflow activity log.

Show Input PDF Preview :  This option will show the first Input PDF file preview instead of the layout file thumbnail. If no PDF files are available then preview will be the layout file thumbnail.

Static Active Queue Preview :  This option will hide the queue previews when searching the input folder for PDF files. Instead, the preview area will display a static icon representing workflow automation.

Deactivate Notification Center Alerts :  Enabling this option will deactivate the alert notifications from Imposition Studio within the Notification Centre. These alerts typically inform users about the completion of a successful output or indicate errors in the queue caused by issues or incompatibility with the dropped PDF files.

Auto Update Layout Files :  This option will automatically update the layout file if it is found to be modified after being added to the workflow queue list.