Workflow Setup

Workflow Setup Window

Files / Pages 

Queue Name :  This is the name assigned to the queue, independent of the layout file name.

Description :   Use this field to provide a description for the queue.

Queue Short Name :  The output PDF file names for this queue will start with this short name.

Do Not Add to Output :  No short name will be added to the file names if checked.

Output Naming Scheme :  This setting controls the naming scheme for the output PDF file, offering two options:

• Layout Document Name :  Names the output file with the layout file name.

• First PDF Link File Name :  Names the output file with the name of the first PDF link file in the link setup.

Layout File.. :  Select an error-free layout file as the source layout. Ensure that the layout does not display any error messages when opened, such as file modification or missing files.

Input Hot Folder.. :  Choose a folder to monitor. This is where you drop source PDF files to generate the output PDF file. It's important to note that a single input folder cannot be used for all workflow queues. Each input folder for each queue item should be distinct from the others. 

Output Folder.. :  Select a folder where the output PDF files should be saved. You can choose a single folder to save all your workflows. 

Archive Folder.. :  Select the folder to archive completed jobs if the archive option is chosen in the workflow queue setup.

Files / Pages 

Keep Number Of Pages And PDF Link File Names :  The workflow will specifically search for PDF files with the exact names as those used in the layout. If all PDF files used in the layout are not found, processing will be skipped. The number of pages in the document and the output will remain unchanged. Use this option for repeat jobs with minor changes or jobs that involve selected pages from different PDF files.

Allow Any Number of PDF Pages :  PDF pages with multiples of the minimum number (total master signature pages) will be processed by the workflow. This option removes all linked page-related values, including the selection of PDF page numbers, manual page movement, manual page scale, blank pages, and mixing multiple PDF files, etc. All available PDF pages will be inserted by PDF file names in alphabetical order.

Custom Minimum PDF Pages :  Allows configuring the required minimum PDF pages for a layout. Useful for some special layouts, including combo forms.

Do Not Use Multiple PDF Files As Links :  This option uses only one PDF file as a link. Each PDF file is treated as an individual job, unlike the usual treatment where each PDF file is considered as multiple links for a single job.

Skip Page Number Errors :  This option bypasses all page number-related errors and outputs using the available number of PDF pages. The resulting output file may contain empty pages if the available pages are not sufficient to complete a print form.

Skip Preflight Errors :  This option will allow to continue processing the workflow queue even if the preflight found errors. Please make sure the error is not serius and use only for special occassions and you know what the error is.

Take Page Size from Link PDF :  This option changes the original page size to match the size of the available PDF linked file (first linked page). Sizes will be taken from trim/crop box sizes in the PDF. If no trim/crop box is defined in the PDF, the queue will stop with an error message.

Auto Fit to Page Box :  This option adjusts the PDF page links to fit appropriately within the page boxes of the layout, either by enlarging or reducing the PDF size. The PDF page size is determined from the first page of the PDF file placed in the input hot folder. The layout can be in any mode, including books.

Auto Populate Signature :  This option allows to add the maximum number of master pages to fit within the signature. The maximum available page size in the signature will be determined by the initial master page defined in the associated layout file.

The PDF page box size will be taken from the first page of the dropped PDF file in the input hot folder. The workflow will then calculate the maximum possible number of pages to fit within the signature.

The template layout should be in plain cut-sheet mode, with only one page in a signature. It can be one or two-sided, and the job styles may include N-up, Step and Repeat, or Cut and Stack Set. Create the master template page using the maximum possible size, and if necessary, add bleed, crop marks, color bars, etc., provided the page size permits. All symbolic page numbers will be calculated automatically while running the workflow queue.

Setup Window:

Minimum Page Gap :  Minimum page gaps required when populating pages to the signature.

Maximum Page Gap :  Maximum page gaps allowed when populating pages to the signature.


Alert On Output :  The workflow manager will generate an alert if the output PDF is created successfully.

Play Default Sound :  The system will play the default sound file as part of the alert.

Play Default Sound :  The system will play a sound file selected by the user for the alert.

None :  No sound alert will be triggered.

Alert On Error :  The workflow manager will generate an alert if an error occurs during the processing of a queue item.

Play Default Sound :  The system will play the default sound file as part of the error alert.

Play Default Sound :  The system will play a sound file selected by the user for the error alert.

None :  No sound alert will be triggered.

Action On Error :  The workflow manager will perform selected actions when a job fails to output.

Disable Current Queue Item :  This option disables the current queue item in case of an error.

Stop Workflow :  This option halts the workflow manager in the event of an error and ceases the operation of all queues in the list.

Move Files to Error Folder :  This option will move the problematic PDF files to the error folder.

Do Nothing :  This option continues processing even if files show errors.

Archive Completed Jobs :  All files of a job will be moved to the associated 'Archive Folder' after completing the job.

Open Output PDF files :  The output PDF files will be opened after completing the job.