Marks & Bleed Settings

Marks & Bleed Settings Window

This option is only for extra fine tuning of bleed & crop marks. For normal regular bleed, use settings on  Signature Setup > Page / Box  section and for crop marks, use settings on  Layout Preferences > Marks / OMR   section. 

To open this window, double click the master page preview on the  Layout Editor  will open  Master Page Properties  window. Then clicking the button named Mark & Bleed Settings on the  Master Page Properties  window.

Custom Marks :  If you need any special layouts with a different combinations of crop & folding marks then use this options.

Custom Bleed Values :  Redefine the bleed for individual pages (+/-). Using this settings you could also control the Binding Spine Bleed overlaps.

Note:  All settings of this master page item will apply to this master page item and all child pages of this master page item in the document.