About Devalipi Software

Founded in 1999, Devalipi Software is an India based software company makes professional application for the printing industry.

For 20 years we’ve been bringing economically alternative solution for the traditionally expensive professional pre-press & printing applications, benefits for small, medium and even large companies in the industry. We are also among the first choice in Imposition software for many digital printer / CTP manufacturers including Fuji, Minolta, Xitron, Xerox etc.

Founded by Jayadevan Krishnan, a designer, pre-press expert with the background rooted in many wings of the printing industry. Our clients will benefit from the very background of our programmers in the field of pre-press & printing, in steady reliability across solutions.

At present, our flagship product is Imposition Studio, one of the world's best selling professional imposition software for Windows & macOS.

Devalipi Software is located in Ottapalam, Kerala - INDIA.

For further information, contact:
Box 59, Ottapalam, INDIA - 679102